Amazing energy in their performance, with a great authentic sound - these guys have it all !

Matt Johns - FOH Sound Engineer

WhoEver Promo' Video

WhoEver: The Story

We are "WhoEver". Born from the desire to recreate the drive, energy, volume and raw passion that was "The Who" back in the 60's and 70's. The live performances that were never the same twice and were always on the ragged edge of creative genius. Come with us on an amazing journey as we progress through the early years, their 60's hits, through Tommy, Quadrophenia, Live at Leeds and many more iconic masterpieces from The Who.

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Paul Stafford absolutely nails the voice and tone of Roger Daltrey !! A powerhouse of a vocalist (and I've seen The Who many times), As a singer myself, I know how hard it is to hit Roger Daltrey's notes with conviction and Paul Stafford reaches them every single time !!! - Mike Peters of The Alarm 


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