" Fantastic band! I had the pleasure to mix the front of house sound for these guys recently, having quality musicians makes my job a lot easier and enjoyable. Amazing energy in their performance, with a great authentic sound - these guys have it all !! "

Matt Johns - FOH Sound Engineer


Paul Stafford

Lead vocals, guitar, trumpet, harmonica and tambourine

Classically trained as a child in the trumpet and pianoforte, Pauls early musical years were in orchestras, brass bands and theatrical productions. At 14 Paul was already teaching the trumpet to primary school children with one pupil achieving the position of lead trumpet in the UK National Youth Orchestra. Teenage years saw a rebellion into Rock music and Paul has never looked back.

Influences are vast and wide, early teens saw a massive fascination with early Genesis, in particular how the songs were elaborate stories and the shows were visual and ever changing. Late teens and things got a little heavier with The Who, Dr Feelgood, The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers, The Buzcocks, The Sex Pistols and most things punk and alternative. While there was always the love of energetic rock music there has also been the deep passion for rock with a bit more feeling. Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Keane to name a few. More recently influences include The Stereophonics, Oasis, Googoo Dolls, Noel Gallagher, The Killers, John Mayer and many more.

With experience in recording, mixing, engineering and production, also fronting several bands over the last 37 years, Paul brings a raft of experience both musically and technically into the band and the shows they put on.

Kit includes : Sure Beta 58A Mic', Tanglewood Sundance acoustic guitar, Boosey & Hawkes, Emperor trumpet, Hohner Marine Band Crossover harmonica.

Paul brings his passion for The Who into WhoEver and is every bit the front man along side Dave's windmill guitar and stage jumps.

Tony Williams

Bass Guitarist

Tony began his musical life as a solo guitarist, gigging in the bars of Toulouse in France. As a student he was inspired by Quadrophenia to pick up a bass guitar which is now Tony's instrument of choice. The 80s saw Tony join a band called 'Metropolis'. They released their first single 'See No reason' which was later signed to Falconer Studios in Camden (of Eurythmics fame). In the 90's Tony co-wrote & produced 'Everybody Say Love' by The Magi & Emanation and with Liam Howlett of The Prodigy they released a re-mix of the same track. More recently Tony has been with Herts bands, Escape Party and TJ & The Underlings.

Tony loves and draws his influences from all dinosaur rock with the Chillis and Foo Fighters as particular favorites.

Tony's kit includes a 'Dan Armstrong' Plexiglass Bass, matched to a Ampeg PF500 amp and 2 x PF115HE cabs. 

Tony, like John Entwistle (RIP), stands quietly stage left and like John plays a massive part in the bands overall sound. Complex bass lines up and down the fret board fill in the gaps, allowing most of the songs to be only two guitars and drums.  

Phil Butcher


Phil played mostly in rock bands from the 70’s to date playing in pubs, clubs and theaters. His highlights include playing at Wembley (small hall) and at the Windsor Festival before it morphed into Reading Festival.

He has been a pro drummer, travelling up and down the country living out of a transit van, a semi-pro and now plays just for kicks.

Favorite bands include The Who, Jimi, Vai, Satriani, Foo Fighters, Zepp etc. Drumming influences include Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon, Buddy Rich, Taylor Hawkins, Portnoy. Phil feels he is still learning from listening to the likes of Aaron Edgar, Eric Moore, Anika Nilles, Will Calhoun and actually every good drummer out there. 

Kit: Phil plays a great sounding silver custom built kit made a million years ago by Eddie Ryan who also made kits for Dire Straits and The Glitter Band among others (but we don’t talk about them much anymore). He uses Remo heads, Zildjian cymbals and Vic Firth 5A sticks and an ancient Sleishman twin pedal which is still incredibly quick!!

Phil uses all that experience to bring a powerful and uncompromising drum sound, re-creating the unique style of one of his drumming heroes and backbone of The Who that was, Keith Moon (RIP).


Dave Ogden

Lead guitar and backing / lead vocals.

Self-taught, Dave was inspired to pick up the guitar in his mid-teens after hearing The Who on old vinyl LPs, instantly falling in love with the massive live sound of Live at Leeds and the teen angst of Quadrophenia. Other early influences included Paul Weller, The Jam, Oasis and Blur before branching out into heavier and funkier sounds such as Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Green Day. Dave’s influences now span a wide range, from Classical Music to Metal, but The Who remains his first love.
Dave spent most of the early days playing music just for fun, with friends, and in university bands, before getting serious and co-forming the band Serinette in his home town of Middlesbrough in the early 2010’s. Writing, recording and performing original music, Serinette went on to have moderate success over the next 6-7 years, gaining a reputation for energetic live shows and upbeat performances (remind you of anyone??), regularly performing on some of the biggest stages throughout the North of England and garnering acclaim in the local music press. In their time Serinette shared stages with some of the biggest names in music including, Peter Hook and the Light, Public Enemy, Toya Wilcox and Blossoms. They also released numerous singles and EP’s, gaining airplay on local radio stations all over the country as well as BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 1, before eventually disbanding in 2018.
The driving force that brought WhoEver together, Dave provides the creative vision and musical direction to the band, born out of his original love for the live sound of The Who. Bringing the energetic guitar style of Pete Townshend to life, complete with kicks, jumps, ferocious windmills and amazing guitar flare, like Pete, Dave is one to watch on stage.

Rig Rundown:
Gibson Les Paul Classic Gold Top 2019. Fender USA Stratocaster 2019 in Sunburst Red.
Orange TH30 Amp with 2, 12 x 2 Orange PPC112 Speaker Cabinet.
Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor (used as a pre-amp).